Símbolos e emoticons para orkut

Alguns símbolos e emoticons para orkut, Twitter, Hi5

(^_^)/ Hi!

(^_^) Smile 

(~_~) Sad 

(^_-) Winking 

s( ̄へ ̄ )z Angry

(^---------^) Big grin

\(^o\)(/^o^)/ Dancing

↖(^∇^)↗ Big hug

( _ ?) Confused 

♬(⌒ε⌒) Whistling

(♡♡) Love struck 

(*^_^*) Blushing 

(-●-●-) Cool

(*⌒.^)(^ε⌒*) Kiss 

m(_ _)m Bowing

(~_~;) Break out in cold sweat

(ºoº) Surprise

(ㅜ.ㅜ) Crying 

(~o~) Yawn

(-_-) zzz... Sleepy

(^_^)V Peace sign

d(^_^) Good job!

(^^)// Applause

(>_<") Ouch!

(@_@) Hypnotized

($.$) Money eyes

(^ㅅ^) Asking for a favor

o(^_-)0 Gentle punching as a sign of encouragement

(^_-)db(-_^) Make a promise by linking little fingers with each other

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